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Description: [Animated Short] Dick Vore Animation (Cause The Internet Is Fucked Up). How did my pussy taste? I massage the lips. Her face is pretty in the way that it is cute because it fits perfectly with her height and body shape. I said, as I looked over to s*s. But instead it was Marina from Wisconsin, with a smooth brown body with small breasts and dark nipples, who had a wickedly passionate way of kissing that at first startled me and then excited me and then let loose my own passion in a big way. In my book, Sandra deserved an Academy Award! I put my finger to my nose to get a smell of it. I carefully lifted the sheet and crawled underneath with her. We'll take our clothes off out here, and dry ourselves off once inside. I ran my tongue around every one of her toes just so I can see more of that beautiful moist cougar cunt. I snapped open the Coke and took a drink, looking at Marguerite over the edge of the can. Mom reached down to her pussy and spreaded it, as she inserted two of her fingers into it. I may have stayed for what felt like an eternity, but as she climaxed with a soft series of sighs and whimpers, I quickly turned and headed upstairs to my bedroom.
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