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Description: Derpy Tastes The Rainbow. Well you seemed pretty focused tonight! You see, I work in a stocking crew at a huge discount store. Don't worry, Jack, I'm not moving in, but a solid fuck to pass the time together would be appreciated. The air-conditioning is off in my building for the next three days because they gotta repair something. Ok, Tom, I'm sorry. We went up to Geri's room and lay down on the bed before we even took our clothes off. Of course I waited for her to tell me her name, and during our talk I learned that she was working as a physician's assistant now. Words turned into hitting each other, and I knocked her down to the floor and she started crying, im telling she screamed. Well what do you mean, did you see it accidentally or he showed it to you? This is weird, but I thought about him for the first time in years, just earlier tonight. Then in the middle of one of their movies, BOOM!