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Description: Quickie Blowjob Cum Facial. It wasn't the same as having your hair going in ten directions, or having a big ugly stain on your shirt. I held my breath. Well, I put myself in there, and she was tight yet kind of warm and buttery, and I realized once again how much of a spell this chick has thrown over me. A look of relief flitted across Melinda's face. But as I watched I saw the strokes becoming longer, and that she was using more pressure. As I squirted back across myself because of my position. The sex was good healthy and normal. She asked with a naughty grin looking up at his face. Case in point is Theodora, a thirtysomething entertainment agent I picked up in a pedestrian plaza in the business district one lunch hour. She was of course facing me this time as she completed the circuit, and it was obvious from her expression that she had almost forgotten that this was pretend. She looked only slightly sad as she squeezed me between those lovely breasts, still leaking a little milk into my curly fuzz.