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Description: Tails X Rouge~. She led me into a five story building, one of the old tenements in the area. Then started to speak. She smiled and said yes. As she walked back to the cushion, the ball of cum shifted and pushed against the walls of her womb. I collapsed against the wall, dropped my dress. Flat chest, flat stomach, but my arms and legs are a little toned because of all the ball. He turned to Cindy, Your call either way, but lets go in. We chatted a little about this and that, just bullshitting, and this guy was cruising me like mad with his gray eyes and rugged smile. Our conversation was kind of inane, like we both had other things on our minds, and when we finished the drinks Leslie stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom. I said TICKLE FIGHT! He said Well i've never had it touched before I usually just had to Masturbate. But as much as I enjoyed his remaining dressed, I know he cums a lot and I didn't want him to mess up his pants with accidental goo stains if he fucked me that way.