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Description: Baby Got Back! #buttlove2017. I broke the kiss, grabbed his hand, and led him to my bedroom. I feel really good about myself. She raised her hips, and I slowly inched my fingers down on to her sweet mound, feeling the fabric under my touch, and beneath that, my sister's warm wetness. While she looked through my scrap books and photo albums I excused myself to take a hot shower. As I followed my beautiful sister, my eyes taking in every inch of her gorgeous butt, my cock thickened some more. You guys have a good time and don't worry about us. Before they were even to the main road, Mel and I were naked. But soon she switched me to her mouth instead while Jake unzipped her shorts and slipped them down her round butt. He was there with his jeans at his knees, and I was the same way so I could stroke myself. Her quarry, as used, a small trickle flowed down his left cheek, she certainly was a bitch when it came to dominating men she fucked.