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Description: Bareback Banger. But just tonight. But then, at the age of forty, I began to look at the unfulfilled fantasies I myself had but had forsaken for marriage, and I remembered that making out with another woman was one of them. Of course it was pay-for-play, but he gave me a surprisingly fair and reasonable price. I'd scoped out those booths and I knew which two shared a glory hole. Now be a good slave and open that pussy for me. I wondered if other people were staring at the middle-aged guy with the coed with her backpack and teeny skirt and fashionable high heel booties. What do you think of the cuckold fetish, where a man gets off on knowing his wife is having affairs with other men? I stripped off at the door as I've always done and walked in. The woman introduced themselves to Ed and his family. You can either get my cock all gooey with spit, so it might slide nice and easy up that fuck-hole's pussy, or you can suck all your spit off it, so there ain't a drip to grease the way.
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