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Description: Bareback Banger. I touched his face. We don't talk much because after the dances she's always scurrying to get another customer, but I don't mind because she's so friendly and her smile as much as her bottom always puts me in a great mood. Fortunately, my fears once again just turned out to be pure paranoia with no basis in fact. Well, after I stammered an apology, I turned my attention back to Pete. He moves his lips down to my neck and I gasp. We stood between the shelves of paper towel packages and I had one hand moving in her blouse and over her cleavage while she took out my plug from my pants. If only your boss could see now, she said, running her fingers through my hair as she sighed under my tongue and lips. I grunted with the pain, but managed not to scream somehow. She flinched, her heart beating a mile in her chest. I loved the smooth hard peaks and valleys of his sculpted body and back, his firm muscled ass attached to my cock, consuming it completely, grinding body to body in the cool.
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