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Description: Ashley Ritter. She's really stunning, like something out of an old pinup calendar, especially when her black hair gets drenched and her blue eyes really stand out and the water is splashing over her cleavage and hips and soft lovely arms. Then I moved her to the bed, and we fell back so that I could enjoy her boobs more comfortably while undoing the snap of costume's heavy crotch panel. Even at this far distance, he could tell she was angry as she strode back towards the tent. He cuts her off by jerking her chain up and pulling her face to up from his cock so her eyes are staring up at him. I treat all my women the same, I treat them all like queens. My my, said my wife, pointing at the creamy puddles I'd just deposited all over the porcelain. He puts Megan on her back with her legs above her shoulders. Once he has deposited his load inside of Hyerim's womb she gets off of BIG FELLA and kisses his chest and tells him thanks.
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