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Description: Ashley Ritter. Once in a while she takes a short pause to swallow the saliva gathering in her mouth, but overall she's became such an expert in this short period that mostly I cum before she has to stop. The front door wasn't locked and she took me into the shadowy back area behind the stairs, then opened a door that led to the basement. Katy was dripping pussy juice all over the sheets; she always responded to being suckled. I sensed my own dick getting hard and briefly wondered how that was possible so soon after my orgasm in the mall. Her little tits bobbed and I reached up and squeezed them. I looked at the crummy bedspread and thought, Do I really want to put my behind on that? Both of you bend over, show them and we'll be out of here. I wanted to avoid the street with the black men on so we nipped up an alleyway at the side of the last club on the right.
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