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Description: Riding A White Cock. Although she's far from being a prude, she doles out the pleasures of her body in such a way that keeps me always hungry for her. You know what you have to do, Daphne, said Miss Andrews, and I certainly did. Things are looking up more and more. And that's what I meant at the beginning about men being so interesting and diverse. Off–and a large ugly bug scurried out of it and disappeared quickly into the messy recesses of my studio. I pulled my cock out and watched the gooey white mess spurt and gurgle out of her gaping hole down to her cunt. But everything she wanted seemed harmless and nothing she asked of me made any sense. Each of her steps more difficult then her presuers do to her attire. I was glad the line was long and slow because it gave us time to get acquainted and bask in our mutual attraction. To get back at her, I grabbed her by the waist and rammed my whole shaft inside, giving her a solid stretch.