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Description: After The Game. Soon I felt Rachel reach a hand under me between our legs. From one of the dark doorways, a third female voice screamed in pain and horror once, twice. I know, she mumbled. N-no, that's the most embarrassing thing about it for me, he said. I kissed her and said, It was just so much fun saying good-night to you that I wanted to do it again. I rose and went back to my seat to watch. She held the kiss for a little while, as if unsure what to do next, then opened her mouth slightly, taking the head of my cock a little way in. Not a second later Rita grabbed my head just as mom did and fucked my face as fast as she could, her orgasm was fast approaching and I was ready for it. He was referring to the third member of their small group of friends. I am a good looking blonde; I have long white locks, with a sexy figure even since my college days.