Music Cock Hero - Remix - TubeDay

Duration: 37:43 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Cock Hero - Remix. I had to be free for tomorrow and the rest of the month and, oh by the way, Waldo would pay me twice my regular salary for my 'inconvenience'. By now my mouth must have been hanging open. Out on the street the people walking around didn't seem as drunk as the people in the other areas but looked a lot more menacing and stared at you as we passed by. That was amazing I said. I could tie up your time at my house. He was down from Alaska on furlough, and after a few beers I approached him in private with the subject of banging my wife. After having stroked each other's clitoris for what seemed to be hours now, both felt that they were about to come. And then the vibrations began to change frequency, going up and down for several minutes until one frequency sent a chill through my body.