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Description: Guy Gets Blowjob In Party. His mother sensing something was wrong asked him on the way home if he liked the movie, he lied and told her that he enjoyed it. I don't feel like a princess, exclaimed Kyra. You would have been very popular in the club, I said, looking down from Felicia's sweet face to her C-cup cleavage and then up again, winking. She cupped my balls in her hand as I came back up to lay with my head on the pillow next to hers and kiss. Yeah that's good, baby. I moved my fingers around in her wetness while she reached for my cock and stroked it expertly, her fingers knowing exactly when to tug and rub and pause. I could smell the sex in the air. I handed the parking valet my ticket and less than five minutes later he was handing me the keys and holding the doors for the women.
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