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Description: Vintage Threesome. She's kind of a big, sloppy woman, always in pantsuits now, although I've seen pictures of her from thirty-five years ago when she was still an actress herself and she was so hot, kind of a Raquel Welch type but with more hips. He was like a drug, Miranda thought as he pushed her graduation robe right off her shoulders to rashly unbutton and part the silky white blouse he found underneath. I'm not at the age where I expect young women to casually offer themselves to me for sexual adventure, but that's what happened a few weeks ago. She'll make my time at the dental clinic bearable until I get it together to find myself another line of work. She just kept yakking, almost making her companion's eyes cross. I had even searched for a DVD of the film and purchased it. I found out her name was Becky, she'd just moved into the building, and was on her first big job in midtown as a corporation lawyer where they were working her to the bone even on Saturdays and Sundays. The phallus began a series of lingering, deep thrusts into my pussy.
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