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Description: Badoinkvr 180 - Vacuum Creamer: Christie Stevens. As soon as we fell into my bed, I took them in my hands and licked them all over, sucking those beautiful big dark Italian nipples before moving down lower.oh yes, last Sunday was a feast in more ways than one! She began walking along the edge of the pool, and I watch her beautiful hips and ass sway with the rhythm of her footsteps. I continued to kiss her as I unbuttoned her shirt, starting from the bottom and work my way up to her collar, she dropped her arms so that i could pull it down and get to her bra. He slowly run his hands over her soft skin, rubbing his thumbs across her nipples, feeling them stiffen under his touch, she is breathing deeply as she grinds her pelvis against him. And with those words he pressed his noble face into the carpet as the laurel leaf crown slipped off and he raised his toga to bare his ass to my prick.