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Duration: 03:21 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Pov Doggystyle Tattooed Blonde. I swirled my finger around her asshole and quickly drove it inside to the first knuckle. While Jason went to find a suitcase I went into her mother's room and found a stash of 2500 cash and a ton of family jewelry taking that I went to her sister's room and stole some sexy cloths cash and her sister's camcorder. Do you hate me for making you do this? She asked seductively. The taste of me drives you crazy so you start searching for the door into my ass with your finger. Annie stroked me faster and faster as the wheel suddenly lurched and moved again, lowering us to the next level. The sweet smell of her pussy suddenly hit me as she opened her legs some more, and I could feel all semblance of reality slowly leaving my head. I stopped to let her get used to it but she grabbed me a pulled me in further. I got a lot more. Getting a little exotic, I selected a bottle of Midori and an inappropriate brandy snifter (I wanted a big glass, see?) and poured myself a very generous helping of the chartreuse colored liquid.