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Description: Stroking In The Shower. Her feet were rubbing my crotch and before I even got to the door, my bulge was really evident. While I was loading myself down with Vincent Price, Roger Corman, and Godzilla discs and cassettes at a couple of dollars each, I began talking with the cute tall girl who was across the aisle going through the classic art movies by directors like the Swedish Ingmar Bergman. He was stroking an impressive, erect cock as he watched the screen. He called me on my cell to wish me luck just before the big speech. She looked at him. I know my face is red. I sat back on my legs and looked around. Come on, you two, she ordered and grabbed both of us, a penis in each hand, follow me. I kept one hand on her breasts and the other moved to her crotch. I got a craving for a Coke but didn't have any in the house, but luckily there is a vending machine on the ground floor of the building, so I put on some panties, flip-flops, and a big pullover shirt that came down to the middle of my thighs.
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