Shower Stroking In The Shower - TubeDay

Duration: 03:21 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Stroking In The Shower. Just watching those balloons shift and flatten with the presses of the soap was enough to drive me nuts. After Sandra left for work, putting on her big black sunglasses and carrying her beautiful shiny blue handbag, I watched her from the kitchen window as she walked down the street, her lovely purposeful stride so erotic to me. I stood calmly in the hallway as Tenor used his keycard to open the door. I'll make tea from your dirty pantyhose if you ask me to, Darva. What's you name? We both are sweating. He swore to himself with that revelation. She was moving her feet around in frantic little steps, shaking her butt, and wagging her tail. Towards the middle of the afternoon, I managed to get it into the oven. She looked especially pretty, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm temperature; her blonde hair up in a ponytail and wearing a gray sweater minidress that wasn't tight but nicely gave a sense of her curves.
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